Welcome to “Witches and Warlocks Anonymous,” the site where I post my web serials. No, this is not a site about being an anonymous witch or warlock. Yes, this is a site named after the first book I ever wrote. I realize I could be better at the whole titling thing. Apparently “Time Keepers” is a marvel comic and “Season of Glass” is a Yoko Ono album. Basically, I’m winning YA Bingo. Anyway. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to read, comment, subscribe, etc.,.


My current serial. I will be uploading chapters on a weekly basis that can be found under the tab “Archive.” The synopsis: the world is ending in a series of floods and an ancient organization sets out to enforce one of the earth’s First Promises. To do so, they must find the keepers–the children of Creation–and discover what, exactly, went wrong.


Coming soon: a post-post-apocalyptic tale. Because it didn’t entirely work out for our protagonists from Timekeepers. Whoops.