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Chapter 29: When the children learn that depersonalized rule is really not all it’s cracked up to be. Rain decided he liked his old name best. Well, he supposed his old name was technically newer than his new name, “Hasya,” which was actually quite old. Regardless, Rain liked “Rain” best. He felt like Rain, forContinue reading “Timekeepers.1.29”


Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Ideation. And also some pretty intense dehydration. “You know. I think I might miss the rain.” Faye wasn’t sure that it was a true statement. But she was pretty sure.  “I think I might agree with you,” Joss said, staring up at the sky. For months, it had been choked with clouds.Continue reading “Timekeepers.1.28.”


Chapter Twenty-Seven: A second telling, and one where the medium-sized girl paid a little more attention to Calle’s monologuing and a little less attention to the Cabal’s attempts to conduct major deconstructive surgery on her person. The children are still in the garden, still staring at the strange flowers. The formerly medium-sized girl just askedContinue reading “Timekeepers.1.27.”


Chapter Twenty-Six: when the medium-sized girl wasn’t paying too much attention to Calle’s monologuing, busy as she was trying to not get cosmically dead There was nothing. The medium-sized girl closed her eyes, and there was nothing. There had to be nothing. She couldn’t cope with anything more than nothing. She certainly could’t cope withContinue reading “Timekeepers.1.26.”


Chapter Twenty-Five: When Joss gets her hands on a few too many informational brochures Faye sipped on a cup of coffee outside of a cafe near the Plaza de la Independencia. It was night. It was gently raining. And she was, as previously mentioned, sipping on a cup of coffee. Of hot, freshly ground, freshlyContinue reading “Timekeepers.1.25.”


Chapter Twenty-Four: when fallen stars rank quite a bit lower than mermaids on the scale of “preferred traveling companions.” And also, a volcano. The medium-sized girl did not like the ex-stars. Which did not surprise Rain. She didn’t like most things. Sure, Rain thought the ex-star people were less fun than the mermaids. But then,Continue reading “Timekeepers.1.24.”


Chapter Twenty-Three: When Faye doesn’t quite believe in the “Temporal Cabal” Faye was feeling all sorts of ways. She was hungry, for starters. She was cold. She was still a little thrown off by having almost been trapped for all of ever in a Basement Fractal. She thought Joss was paying a little too muchContinue reading “Timekeepers.1.23.”


Chapter 22: then there were stars in the mountains. And also a space-time-continuum-sized case of astigmatism The medium-sized girl was having difficulty with her eyes. It wasn’t that everything was too bright—though it was that, too—so much as everything was too many things. For instance, this tree she was sitting under. It was what itContinue reading “Timekeepers.1.22”


Chapter Twenty-One: And then there was way too much action and plot and not enough characterization but hey I guess things have to eventually happen Faye hadn’t been inside a Basement Fractal since the ‘70s. She had forgotten how terribly effective they were as traps.  “I don’t think we’re too far in,” Tarin muttered, studyingContinue reading “Timekeepers.1.21”


Chapter 20: when the Fisher was less than helpful It’s not that Rain and the medium-sized girl were running for their lives. They probably wouldn’t have understood the concept, for starters. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, they weren’t exactly sure what it was that constituted a “life,” and had only the vaguest of impressions thatContinue reading “Timekeeper.1.20”


Chapter Nineteen: A whole lot of walking and little bit of talking and also an unfortunate amount of retching but Faye ends up mostly fine Faye threw up again.  “Where did that even come from?” Joss asked, frowning down at the puddle of sick while rubbing Faye’s back.  “There’s really no telling,” Faye rasped, curiousContinue reading “Timekeepers.1.19”


Chapter Eighteen: And then the medium-sized girl got her hair brushed and it didn’t feel half bad, all things considered Rain thought the medium-sized girl was the first right thing he’d seen since he’d been disappeared from the garden. Not that everything else had been wrong—he rather liked Hadal, after all, and thought this TearContinue reading “Timekeepers.1.18”


Chapter Seventeen: And then some other people also thought OTC was slightly unhinged “Well. Okay. I guess I can climb another mountain.” “This one looks a lot steeper than Oregon.” Faye flexed one calf, then the other, knowing that no amount of onboard preparation would prevent her from falling on her face the moment herContinue reading “Timekeepers.1.17”


Chapter 16: When the medium-sized girl almost got gagged with a dirty sock The medium-sized girl was really struggling. Not quite as much as OTC, apparently. He had lost one of his shoes. He didn’t have any other shoes, he said. She didn’t either, but he kept insisting that his loss was different than hers.Continue reading “Timekeepers.1.16”


Chapter Fifteen: Bet You Can’t Guess Where Rain Is Rain liked Hadal. She was not imploding with existential dread like the land creatures Rain had encountered. She was not sad, or lost. Well, not lost in the metaphorical way, at least. She was literally lost. But so was Rain, so he didn’t count it.  TheyContinue reading “Timekeepers.1.15”


Chapter Fourteen: And then Hamilton gets stuck in your head for the better part of a week because your people sought refuge in the eye of a hurricane and there was indeed quiet for just a moment and the tinsiest hint of a yellow sound but also more mermaids so like “Literally can you notContinue reading “Timekeepers.1.14”


Chapter Thirteen: When the medium-sized girl tried to drown her sorrows before belatedly discovering that she is, indeed, mostly weatherproof “She’s not going to make it.”  “Yes she will.”  “Bet you an hour of no complaining that she won’t.” “Bet you a handful of jerky that she will.”  “But you don’t even eat jerky?” TheContinue reading “Timekeepers.1.13”


Chapter Twelve: When Rain meets a friend with incredibly striking eyebrows It took him a few tries, but Rain eventually got the hang of swimming. He decided he rather enjoyed it. He never would have known that about himself, had the garden not abandoned him. He knew it now. And it was very, very true.Continue reading “Timekeepers.1.12”


Chapter Eleven: The bit where you had to pass qualifying exams and just left your people on a boat for forever and a day but at least they had some good IPAs while they waited so you don’t feel too bad about the whole thing “You know, I thought I’d never be happy again. Safe,Continue reading “Timekeepers.1.11.”


Chapter Ten: And then Quito Was Completely Underwater and Obnoxious Traveling Companion Didn’t Know What To Do “I don’t like it,” the medium-sized girl said.  “Wow. Really? There is absolutely no way I could have seen that coming. Please, tell me more. Please, please, please.”  The medium-sized girl did not have to change anything inContinue reading “Timekeepers.1.10.”


Chapter Nine: And Then Rain Walked Around For What Feels Like Ever and Apparently is Just Cold and Sad Rain left those first people the next morning. He didn’t really know why. He didn’t want to go back up the mountain, he supposed. They did. He walked on, and so did they.  “See you inContinue reading “Timekeepers.1.9.”


Chapter 8: And Then There Was Really Good Beer Faye had never been to Bend. She had heard good things about it. Once there, she decided she had always wanted to go. She smiled to herself, staring out at the flooded city center. Even here, at the end of all things, she was able toContinue reading “Timekeepers.1.8.”


Chapter 7: There Was Too Much Sun And Too Much Rain, And All At The Same Time Colors were the stupidest things. Well, almost the stupidest things. Obnoxious traveling companions were the stupidest things. As was rain, and sleeping, and being lost. But colors—they were a close second.  “I’ve told you a thousand times,” ObnoxiousContinue reading “Timekeepers.1.7.”


Chapter 6: And Then The Boy Gave Himself a Name He had begun to call himself Garden. And sometimes Rain. He couldn’t decide which one sounded closest to his actual name. Because, as you’ll recall, he couldn’t remember his actual name.  He was walking. He was trying to understand it all. How he had beenContinue reading “Timekeepers.1.6.”


Chapter 5: And Then The Quasi-Brother Was On The Wrong Mountain-Top “Well. That works too, I guess.” Joss didn’t sound like she meant it.  “This is a perfectly sound structure,” Faye said, looking up at the tent she had just made. She had gone the past few weeks without one, but the rain had startedContinue reading “Timekeepers.1.5.”


Chapter 4: “And Also Another Keeper-Boy Was Squeezed Into This World Without Any Notice Or Explanation” He had a name. He knew he had a name because he had siblings. And they all had names. And he knew all of their names. And they all called each other by their names. Because “brother” and “sister”Continue reading “Timekeepers.1.4.”


Chapter 3: When The Aforementioned Obnoxious Abductor Has The Nerve To Accuse His Abductee Of Emotional Reticence The little girl was now a medium-sized girl. The space travel had aged her about eight years or so. It had not, however, left her with a new set of pants. Her little-girl pants had split in severalContinue reading “Timekeepers.1.3.”

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