Hello! Thanks for popping by! I would imagine you are most probably a blood relative or a roommate, in which case there’s really nothing to add here that isn’t already common knowledge! I hope you’re having a wonderful day!

That being said, a little bit about the title: Witches and Warlocks Anonymous was the first book I ever wrote. The book came out of a short story I piddled out about a woman mitigating the loneliness of being a witch in the modern world by joining a help group called “Witches and Warlocks Anonymous.” The woman–Nimmy–was one of my first characters. She appears in many of my stories, though not always as she was in that first scene. WaWA (Witches and Warlocks Anonymous), however, does appear in all of my tales, be they high fantasy, literary fiction, or post-apocalyptic. It’s been fun putting the same characters in different worlds. Sometimes they have the memories of their past selves; oftener, they don’t. Regardless, WaWA has been a through line for all of my stories–thus it being the title for this blog.

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